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#96 Art Crawl

#94 Holiday Art Crawl

(photos: Bob Fesser, J. Lee)


#93 a few shots from the evening (photos: J. Lee)

#92 (photos: J. Lee)

Special thanks to Jeanette Fellows for the awesome photos of #91!

2015 Photos (Courtesy of Bob Fesser)


(btw, if YOU have some really cool photos from any Waukesha Art Crawl Events, PLEASE feel free to share on our FaceBook Page! We’d love to see what creative moments you captured celebrating Waukesha Art & Favorite Spots & Artists!)

Photos from 2014 (Courtesy of Bob Fesser)

ALMONT GALLERY 2014 SUMMER EXHIBIT – “Nature and All It’s Glory”

Photos from 2013